Understanding Business and Stock Market Terminology

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1. Many business owners spend years trying to get their enterprise started.

2. At the rate we are going, we are lucky to break even at year's end.

3. The world's biggest stock exchange is in New York.

4. Every employee has shares in the company.

5. The stock market rose 20% today. Brokers were euphoric!

6. The dip in the market caused some investors concern.

7. There was a dramatic rise in the share price at the end of the week.

8. Dividend is the part of the company's profits which is paid to shareholders.

9. One of the most difficult parts of running a restaurant is keeping the cashflow which can be variable.

10. House prices have increased by 5%. It is too expensive to buy now.

11. Demand for this product has fallen recently. We won't manufacture it anymore.

12. The economists predict a bear market this year, which is very worrying, but they predict a bull market for the next one, which is promising.

13. There haven't been many fluctuations in the price of gold lately.

14. The bank lent him the capital to expand his business.

15. The general trend is upward for this stock.

16. After deducting the running costs and taxes, we made a very generous net profit.

17. Receiving a small inheritance, she began to overspend alarmingly.

18. William is in debt because his expenditure always exceeds his income.

19. The Wolf of Wall Street is a film about a famous broker.

20. The share price reached a peak last month.

21. There was a levelled off in the share price from Monday to Friday, but then it rose at the end of the week.

22. Another word for the money that a company receives over a particular period is revenue.

23. Rent, electricity bills, and administrative costs are all examples of overheads.

24. The company's overheads are unhappy about the recent bad publicity.

25. Stock is a certain quantity of shares.

26. Oil, gold, and coffee are all examples of commodities.

27. A child's growth usually stops in his late teens.

28. The new law required everyone to have medical insurance.

29. George was fired and asked to leave the premises immediately.

30. The total sales of a company over a particular period is turnover.

31. The opposite of profit is bankrupt.

32. The company went into a loss and they fired lots of people.

33. Merger is the result of joining two companies together.

34. Part of the money invested in a company: stake.

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