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UND6 12Would you like to freshen out / up/ off before dinner? 13I will pick Mr Hayes off / out / upfrom the hotel.14He needed more time to show them up / around / for the factory, so I guess they’re still there.15You will need to check out / in/ on at reception when you arrive, and then join us in the bar.16One thing I’d like to do while I’m here is to meet along / up / on with an old friend who lives in the centre of town.17How about eating in / out / with at that Restaurant?

AOK. The first thing to remember is that you 25have to log on, so you’ll Always 26need to remember your Password.

BI heard that they change the passwords every month.

AIT is 27supposedto reset them, but often don’tdo it. OK, once you’ve typed it in, wait a few secondswhile the system opens. You 28nustn´t clickanything, or it all crashes

B see. By the way, am I 29allowed to Send

personal Emails? Or is that against the rules?

ANo, you 30don´t need to worry too much, but

you mustn’t download Any unknown documents.

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