Travel Personality, Motivators, and Tourism Trends

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1. The person who believed we travel to 'Escape the Family' was: Freud

2. The travel personality of a tourist who visits Mt. Everest would be considered: Allocentric

3. A person who travels 3 hours to another city for business purposes and returns within 24 hours is a: Same day visitor

4. When Canadians travel outside the country, the country that receives the most Canadians visitors is: USA

5. 2011 Total - 2010 Total (40,000,000-34,000,000 times 100) Equals the Change

6. A= 2011 Total (1+%Change/100)^# of years (Number of arrivals in 20--)

7. The main travel motivator for someone who prefers to fly first class is: Status and prestige motivator

8. Events causing negative impact on travel: 9/11

9. If the ratio scale of 1:200 000 were converted to a statement scale, it would read: 1cm is 200 000 in real life

10. Rapid growth of the tourism industry started after World War 2 because of: Baby Boomers

11. This country had the most international tourists arrivals in 2016: France

12. The travel personality of a tourist who visits western Europe would be considered: Midcentric

13. Tourism greatest contributor to global warming is: Airplanes

14. The main travel motivator for someone who would like to visit china is: Cultural Motivator

15. 1cm= 5Km (1:500 000)

16. This type of travel is predominately for recreational or leisure purposes: Tourists

17. A vacation on a single cruise of the Caribbean would be considered to be what type of tourism: Recreational

18. The travel motivator for a trip to New York city to receive medical treatment: Curative Health Motivators

21. Name an Allocentric destination: Kenya

22. Trends that are happening: Internet booking

23. Famous cultural destination: China

24. Name a midcentric activity/destination: Paris

25. To convert from a statement scale to ratio scale, you multiply by: 100 000

26. Few hotels are considered to be green because of their excessive use of carbon emissions

27. Spiritual tourism is considered: Religious

28. The travel motivator for a trip to a high class resort in the Caribbean: Status/Prestige

29. The travel motivator who has a job and kid must overcome: Time and Family

30. Name a psychocentric destination: USA

31. This person was the man credited with inventing mass group tourism: Thomas Cook

32. To convert from ratio scale to a statement scale, you divide by: 100 000

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