Transformations with Quantifiers and Modals

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Transformations with QUANTIFIERS. Use 5 words maximum

- He doesn't want anything else to be put in his bag.

- The exam was too long for them to finish it in time.

- Is there any chance of you winning the competition?

- Every guest sang happy birthday to the host.

- There was hardly any seat left in the cinema.

- Andrew was sure nothing was missing from his luggage.

- There isn't anything left in this sugar bottle.

- Most of the people who visit this museum come from London.

- Few people believe that he was the murderer.

- None of the others agreed with me.

Transformations with MODALS. Use 5 words maximum

- You aren't allowed to take the camera into the museum.

- They let him go on the excursion if he wanted to.

- Workers may have a cigarette during the break.

- It isn't necessary for all the students to do the entrance exam.

- Besides being unable to read, the elderly woman couldn't write either.

- You had better give up smoking.

- You must have learnt a lot in this FC course.


1. James is going to be late. His car has broken down.

2. If your camera is faulty, you should return it to the manufacturer.

3. It's hard to get spare parts for this car if something goes wrong.

4. I bought this electric drill from a do-it-yourself shop.

5. This clock runs on two small batteries.

6. Lift the receiver and listen for the dialling tone.

7. Don't touch that wire! You'll get an electric shock.

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