Torquemada at the stake

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In the vast gallery of characters that Benito Perez Galdos left us, perhaps this Torquemada most appreciated by this writer. The author published in 1889 Torquemada at the stake, and between 1893 and 1895 the rest of the series: the cross Torquemada Torquemada Torquemada in Purgatory, and San Pedro.
Already Torquemada at the stake is a precise drawing of the protagonist, Francisco Torquemada. This is a lender who has amassed an interesting capital-based lending money at usury, mercilessly squeezing the unfortunate necessity that fell into their hands.
Stingy up to meanness, Torquemada suffer the blow of seeing your child sick, a child prodigy, a genius of mathematics. In this crisis, its nature is clear: the advice of friends, trying to humanize and to curry favor with God, asking him to save his son. However, the spirit of that operation comvertir businessman wants a swap for the good works you purchase with your child's life.
Torquemada is a character built in one piece. His inveterate greed can it more than any other instinct. As we met him in the first novel will meet again in the following: Torquemada Torquemada on the Cross and in purgatory. They chronicles the meteoric rise of our man to the highest echelons of society, through his marriage to a ruined aristocrat. However, Torquemada is not an upstart who want to exalt, in it, the meanness is a vice inalienable and submit expenditure which requires a new way of life gives him great sorrow.
In its new state, the miser takes advantage of the possibility of large-scale business that his new position offers. Also, enjoy the joys of seeing recognized his business acumen and their ability to multiply money as if by magic. But her joy is overshadowed by the grief he has with his sister, Cruz del Aguila, stubborn back with his family to the area of the debris thrown at them, testing with the fortunes of Torquemada.
As pointed out, Francisco Torquemada is not an upstart, but understand that certain habits of their former lives of lender does not marry his new role as the great financial world, therefore, is determined to make concessions, to give some satisfaction "of poor "even is careful to polish their language and other aspects of his person. But the runaway spending that leads to the lifestyle that his sister at home impose terrible hardships and provokes the sensation of living continuously subjugated by the tyranny of Cruz.
In Torquemada and Saint Peter Galdós gives a twist to the character. Like the first novel in the series, the character of Francisco Torquemada is fully visible to a transcendental state. In this case, our man faces his own illness and risk of death. In these sensitive circumstances, his conscience tormented is divided: he wants to save his soul, but again thinks he can fool God by buying their indulgence in return for giving their possessions to the Church, but at the same time, also wants his material to complete salvation a lucrative business that will bring huge profits.
Ease his conscience after following the steps his close dictate for the salvation of his soul, is considered certain that God will repay what you owe in return: let him live to complete his business and reserve for later a place in heaven.
Thus, concludes Torquemada being true to himself. Galdós makes the character evolve and that evolution has in fact correctly (and the humor that characterizes it), but at the same time delivers a seamless character, the essence of any external event does attack. A character who, despite having more defects than virtues, manages to capture the reader.

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