Toledo Cathedral: A Gothic Masterpiece

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Location and History

Toledo Cathedral is located in the city of Toledo, Spain. Its construction spanned from the 13th to 15th centuries.

Plan and Structure

The cathedral follows a Latin cross plan, with the following key features:


  • Faces west
  • Façade with main gate and two towers
  • Three portals (portico)
  • Highly decorated tympanum


  • Five naves divided by columns and pillars
  • Central nave taller and wider than lateral naves
  • Ribbed vaults (bovedas de cruceria)
  • Pointed arches


  • Short arm that does not protrude from the plan
  • Dome at the crossing
  • Altar behind the dome


  • Large apse
  • Two deambulatory or girols

Materials and Style

The cathedral is constructed primarily of stone, with stained glass windows and rose windows.

The architectural style is Gothic, characterized by:

  • Location in Europe
  • Chronology from 13th to 15th centuries
  • Main building types: markets, city halls, palaces, cathedrals
  • Cruciform-shaped plan
  • Use of stone and glass

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