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Philipp will be 15 next wednesday/ they are going to get a new computer/ i think my mother will like this CD/ Paul's sister is going to have a baby/ they will arrive at bout 4 in the afternoon./ Just a moment. I will help you with the bags/ In 2020 people will buy more hybrid cars./ Marvin is going to throw a party next week/ we are going to fly to Venice in June/ Look at the clouds it is going to rain soon.

A new road is being planned near my house/ this house was built in 1943 by my grandfather/ Guemica was being painted at that time by picasso/ the office has been cleaned/ three books had been written before 1867/ you will be toul later by John/ By this time tomorrow the deal will have been signed/  the work should be done/ jimmy might have been delayed by the traffic/ portuguese is spoken in brazil/ mr brown is loved by everybody/ the princess was eaten by the wolf/ at six o clock a story was bing told/ all the milk been drunk/ all the windows had been cleaned before the storm/ the computer will be repaired tomorrow/ by next year the passive will have been studied by the students( dinner might be cooked by james/ my wallet must have been taken

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