Thermal Energy and Heat Transfer: Understanding Temperature, Expansion, and Equilibrium

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TEMA 6 - Thermal Energy - Average Kinetic Energy of the Atoms or Molecules in a Substance. Temperature - Measurement of a Substance's Thermal Energy. Kelvin and Celsius. 0°C - 273K, T(Kelvin) = T(Celsius) + 273. T(Celsius) = T(Kelvin) - 273. Thermal Expansion - Increase in Volume That Happens in Physical Bodies and Systems When Their Temperature Rises.

Volume of a Gas is Directly Proportional to Its Absolute Temperature. Thermal Equilibrium - One Body with High Temperature Transfers Energy to One with Low Temperature. Heat - Transfer of Energy from One Body Temperature to Another with Lower Temperature. Heat - Joule. 1KJ - 1000J, 1 CAL - 4,184J. Conduction - Process by Which Heat is Transferred from One Point to Another in a Solid. Thermal Conductors - Substances That Transfer Thermal Energy Quickly from One Point to Another. Thermal Insulators - Substances That Transfer Thermal Energy Slowly from One Point to Another. Convection - Process by Which Thermal Energy is Transferred from One Point in a Fluid to Another Because of Movement of Fluid. Radiation - Process of Heat Transfer by Which Bodies Emit Energy That Can Move Through a Vacuum.

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