The truth about the case Savolta

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Commentary on the book by Eduardo Mendoza
"The truth of the case Savolta"
* Subject
Eduardo Mendoza In this book tells the social environment of the early twentieth century Barcelona a web of power, weapons and loves. The result comes a thriller about the company responsible for weapons Savolta for the 1st World War. This book recounts the problems and existing social unrest in Barcelona earlier this century, this shows the desire of power worldwide and penalties between this society.
* Summary
In this book, Eduardo Mendoza, tells Javier Miranda through a story about the company Savolta. This story is a detective story, as several murders occur.
In the first part of this book begins by placing Eduardo Mendoza Barcelona in the social and pol
ITIC which was immersed in the early twentieth century. Barcelona was a big problem with social unrest of the people and social events. Then continues with the emergence of Javier Miranda and get a job like this after coming to America with letters of recommendation from friends of his late father. This started working with a lawyer named Cortabanyes. Lepprince befriends Javier Miranda, who believes he is the murderer of Mr. Cladedeu (Savolta venture partner). The judge questioned Miranda Davison in court to draw all possible information, because this by working in the office of Mr. Cortabanyes knew everything about the company Savolta (dedicated to the creation of weapons). This also explains to the judge who was at home when this Cladedeu with Lepprince was killed and heard gunshots in the garden while Lepprince was in the library and so the thought had not been Lepprince but suspected him, because Miranda Lepprince went to a nightclub where he was talking to some Lepprince acrobats who were murderers unemployed. For all this and more Javier Miranda decides to continue the investigation on its own.
Savolta, wholesaler of shares of the company (founded by a Dutchman called Van der VIRCH) also is killed, then the commissioner Vazquez is aware of this case and with the help of Sergeant Totorno investigating. When suspicions arise Savolta killed since the company was beginning to go very well because the war come many gains to be obtained by producing weapons.
After the murder was committed Pajarito de Soto. That he was interacting with the company since he was hired by Lepprince. The murderer of this was Victor Pratz, who had been ordered by Lepprince, as this had not realized that arms smuggling Lepprince was doing with the company. Moreover, Nemesio, a young man who had been hired by Pere to watch Parells Pajarito told all this to the commissioner and Parells. Nemesio Pajarito dead when you saw a letter that had Lepprince traps, which was addressed to Miranda.
From here is Mary Coral, which had been Lepprince lover, and this the case with Miranda, but still remained his mistress. Maria Miranda Coral and for a time maintained a close friendship with Lepprince. Moreover, the marriage relationship between the two was
minimal because Miranda was sleeping in a bed in another room. While Mary Coral continued to maintain relations with Miranda Lepprince without knowing it, until one day Mary told the truth from Miranda. Meanwhile Parells mandate is killed by a bomb planted by Lepprince in Parells house.
Coral Mary escapes with Max who was the bodyguard Lepprince, therefore Miranda goes out looking for them. Max dies in a car accident and Mary escaped unhurt Coral which appears later in Miranda's apartment.
Miranda returned to Barcelona and to learn of the death of Lepprince goes to visit the widow, on leaving this house heard footsteps and discovers that Vazquez is the curator who reveals the whole truth, and she gave the letter of Pajarito de Soto. The next day, Miranda went to visit Cortabanyes, which gave him a letter that he had left for Lepprince. It advises you to talk to lawyers in New York to collect the insurance company and thus give Savolta Maria Rosa and her daughter.
After that Miranda and María Coral fleeing to New York in search of work, where Javier Miranda is subject to court to get the insurance money. The book ends with the letter written by Mrs. Miranda Lepprince thanking the insurance money.
Javier Miranda
is the protagonist of the book. It is an odd person, as does the opposite of what you think. He is a normal person, with a simple aspiration, but it is getting into Lepprince an extortion from which it can not escape. The biggest problem of all history is to discover how he feels about Maria Coral, and almost to the end of it, does not find him. Although do some things wrong, this is a good person.
Paul-André Lepprince: One of the most important because everything revolves around him the story. At the end of the book, the author hints that he is the son of Cortabaynes. Pretend to be a French bourgeois, but actually has no money, All we wanted is a good dowry to get money. Get married the daughter of Savolta, and kill commands to acquire the majority of the shares of the company, which has shown no scruples, as even cheats on his supposed best friend, Javier Miranda. The character is very complex, because although it apparently seems to be a ruthless person often does not behave as such at the end of the book revealing his feelings to worry about your family.
Mary Coral: It is a gypsy girl who worked together with two strongmen juggling, though their occupation was in fact the exercise of hired thugs to Lepprince. Over time it becomes the lover of women Lepprince and Javier, but really does not love him. Being a girl who has done very bad life and has been abused many times, so do not trust anybody, least of men, so at first suspicious of the intentions of Xavier, but eventually discovers that is a good man.
Cortabaynes: A lawyer for Barcelona, which is assistant Javier. Although throughout the book, does not come very often, it is very important because it seems to be the father of Lepprince and besides, it was he who helped the company to ride Savolta.
Pajarito de Soto: An anarchist journalist who protest against the company Savolta, since it is a place to exploit the workers. At the beginning of the story is very important because it is the axis on which it rotates, but once it is killed, is still important until the end of the book is out who killed him.
Inspector Vázquez: It is the task of investigating the death of Pajarito de Soto and subsequently Savolta Enric. When you are approaching the truth is brought to Africa, but that does not stop back and find out what really happened. The character is very important because thanks to it being discovered many things about Lepprince.
Goat Nemesio Gomez: This character is a madman, which he says, is the chosen of God to carry out a mission. Although it is not much in the book has some chapters to him alone. It is very important as it is discovered through a letter he sent De Soto before he died. It is a very curious, because although he's crazy, there are times when it proves to be very lucid.
* Structure

This book is divided into two parts Eduardo Mendoza. The first one consists of five chapters that are characterized by their great difficulty in reading, and with the larger pattern that develops there.
The second part consists of ten chapters in which the whole plot unfolds, with the chronological disorder used in this book by Eduardo Mendoza.
* Critical Review
Eduardo Mendoza is the author of this book uses a very messy way to write and relate the different patterns of work
Because it changes from context and situation without having finished what had started. Like using a chronological disorder which makes the author continually miss. Moreover the book is very entertaining while particularly difficult to understand at first, because until you advance in the book you are clarifying the ideas the author wants you. This book also makes you see the social situation in which Barcelona earlier this century, which makes this book interesting also for the historic environment in which it develops.

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