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Modernism: were inspired by the principles of Parnassianism (technical perfection and take flight from reality) and symbolism (use symbols and images to evoke reality through language). Features:-search for beauty (exotic)-defense of the aristocratic (symbol of the swan), escape in space and time (classical world mythology)-renewal of language, use cultism, sensory imagery.

Ruben Dario was a broadcaster of literary modernism as their status as a journalist and diplomat made him travel delivery Europa.Se equally sensual pleasure, friendships intellectuals, reading of the Romantics and Symbolists Parnassians.

1st stage: BLUE: This work is considered the initiator of modernist influences appear in her book consists of parnasianísmo.El prose tales and poems that reflect innovative autor.PROSAS concerns PROFANE: The language is enriched with combinations metric alliterations and synesthesia modernistas.desarrolla fully the theme of love that seeks harmony with art

2nd stage: SONGS OF LIFE AND HOPE: stresses the personal tone and shows his concern for people and their problems and the future.

the sonatina: the characteristics of modernist movement we can find in this poem are: avoidance and the desire to escape to fantastic places and Eastern, the appearance of the aristocratic than the protagonist of the poem is a princess who wants to be free and fly countries full of light and color, as in his palace is surrounded by luxury and power and feels sad and sola.Otra feature is the search for beauty and feeling, it presents a lexicon evanescente.Todos verses are verses Alexandrians, ie verses of fourteen syllables each with rhyme AABCCB.La princess is the intention of the poet to escape from reality and society to travel to other fantastic places.

LEDA: The content of the poem is summed up in a classical myth in Greek mythology who tradition says the god Zeus fell in love with Leda, the wife of the king of Sparta, then Zeus took animal form of a white swan intend to conquer leda.De Thus the poem speaks of a love relationship in classical mythology, a pretext to escape the world real.Este poem belongs to the profane prose book of the 1st stage that focuses on aesthetics and form of the poem . It uses the language of worship and cuidado.Aparecen the swan symbol that represents the aristocracia.El poem speaks of a Greek myth in which evades over time

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