The Canterville Ghost

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Theme and atmosphere

The main idea is the story of a ghost living tormenting the inhabitants of an English manor. The ideas range from minor's own ghost story to life of every single inhabitant of the mansion.

The action takes place in an English manor in the late nineteenth century and has a fairly realistic setting even though the protagonist is the ghost.

The family's culture and environment move in a mysterious tone, so this is a fantastic novel of intrigue, with dramatic ideas.


The novel begins when Hiram B. Otis buys the property of Canterville Chase, at closing, its owner Lord Canterville warns that lives in the house ghost.

Months after the sale, move to spend the summer at their family property formed by Mr. Otis Otis (American minister), Mrs Otis, his eldest son Washintong, Virginia for 15 years and the terrible twins Otis and from the first time strange things began to happen inside the mansion.

A ghost lived in the house for more than 300 years, it was the guilty soul of Sir Simon de Canterville, wandering through the mansion to disappear in mysterious circumstances after 9 years of having murdered his wife by the fireplace in the lounge, in whose place was again and again a curious bloodstain.

But Otis, a modern family, Republican ignore these stories, but no more coming home to find Mrs Otis displeasure bloodstain Washintong clean the stain immediately but repeatedly reappear each morning.

The ghost makes its appearance waking up with the creaking of Mr Otis chains offered a bottle of lubricant and the twins will throw a pillow. The impudence and coolness of the Otis caused the ghost began to be depressed, which was increasing every time the ghost trying to scare anyone in the family and also when you try the children of Mr Otis invent something to harm him and that he had just scared and frightened, having to flee. He resigns himself to recall the past exploits when he was causing real terror.

One day the ghost that there was no solution to their problem was the library, finding the beautiful Virginia. Mr Simon told him it was the Canterville family and that his soul would rest only when the prophecy was fulfilled that appeared in the library window, q meant Virginia had to mourn for the sins of the ghost and pray to him for his soul and so the specter of death would take pity on him and rest forever.

Virginia accepted. Mr. Simon led her to a wall of the room disappeared and became a great black cloud crossed again resealed the wall.

Her parents found their daughter but when they left the room and rang the 12 in the clock tower was a cry and a terrible thunder shook the castle. A section of wall collapsed and he appeared very pale Virginia with a chest on his hands full of beautiful jewelry. Virginia went to the apartment of the phantom where only found an old skeleton, knelt beside him and began to pray. Then one of the twins shouted that the almond tree blossomed and Virginia had realized that God had forgiven the ghost.


· Hiram B. Otis: Father of 4 children and husband of Lucretia R. Tappan, was minister of EE. States and Republican, very eloquent person and calm and dominant character, which only became upset when the problems affecting their family.

· Mrs Otis, Lucretia R. Tappan: beautiful woman, middle-aged, with beautiful eyes and an extraordinary vitality.

· Washintong Otis: It is the oldest child, blond, nice guy and had a reputation for extraordinary dancer. He loves the action it performs tease the ghost task that was helped by the twins.

· Virginia Otis: 15, slender, graceful and great horsewoman. It is responsible for saving the soul of the ghost.

· Twins: Known as the star and bars. They are two lovely boys and naughty.

· Mr Simon: It is the spirit and character of the story, lives distressed by the murder of his wife and therefore has q roam the house until someone save your soul.

· Mrs Ummey: It's helpful and obedient girl but she lives in terror of the ghost.

· Lord Canterville: Previous owner of the mansion and at all times demonstrate sincerity and appreciation to the Otis.

The Duke of Cheshire: boyfriend and future husband of Virginia.


The story is set in the late nineteenth century in England.


All the action takes place in Canterville Chase est7millas to the Ascot, the nearest railway station to the castle. This was over 300 years and the interior corresponds to the architecture and period furniture. The castle was surrounded by trees and countryside with a horrible climate because there was always raining and thunderstorms. Are well established customs of the family and the environment moves into open-minded and wealthy Republican family.


The narrator is the author himself in third person in which case it is a kind of omniscient narrator.


The argument is divided into three parts typical approach, and denouement. The development of the action is fast and dominates the narrative.

The language used by the narrator is simple, increasing level when the characters speak. The style of the novel is of short sentences and its symbolism is rather accentuated it brings to mind the idea of justice beyond life.

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