The Tempest, Act 1

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Sublime- such excellence or beauty as to inspire great admiration
Potentate- person who possesses great power as a ruler
Requisition-an authoritative or formal demand 
Adjurationan oath, or promise
Cessationtemporary or complete stopping
SupplicatoryVI, to asking humbly and earnestly
Implacableadj relentless; unstoppable
Admonitoryadj, cautioning of something, warning
Obstinacynoun stubbornness
Aphorismnoun, a pithy observation,contains a general truth
Cadence a modulation or inflection in voice
Compunctionnoun, a feeling of guilt or moral scruple that follows the doing of something bad
Abjectadj, extremely bad, unpleasant, degrading
Dejectedverb, make sad or dispirited
PropitiateVT, win or regain the favor of a god or person by doing something that pleases them
Felicitousadj, well-chosen or suited to circumstance
Importunitynoun, making repeated or annoying requests
Trenchantadj, very strong, clear, and effective
Rejoindernoun, a replay especially a sharp or witty one
Ostentatiousadj, vulgar or pretentious display, designed to impress or attract attention
Mercenaryadj, a person concerned with making money at the expense of ethics
Blightnoun or verb, an infection, to infect
Derideverb, to ridicule
Qualmsnoun, an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry or fear
Recompenseverb, make amends for loss or harm suffered, compensate
Assiduous(ly)adj or adverb diligently at task, industrious
Apocryphaladj, a state of doubtful authenticity although circulated as true
Practicableadj, able to be done successfullly
Demonstrativeadj, tending to show feelings especially of affection openly *
Disquietedverb or noun, to make someone anxious or worried, a feeling of anxiety or worry
Predominateverb, have or exert control or power, central
Turbidadj, cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter
Execrationsnoun, the act of cursing or denouncing
Inundationnoun, an overwhelming abundance of things
Contentionnoun, heated disagreement
Portentousadj, ominous
Edifyverb, to instruct or improve someone morally or intellectually
Beatifyverb,to entitle to specific religious honor; to consecrate

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