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Monplological: componing external appeanance and internal structure. Ecological: componing the role played in ecosystem. Polentological:  comparing present life forms to fossiled. Embryological: comparing embryonic development . Genetic: Comparing DNA. Biochermical: Comparing the chemical composition. Cellular: cell types and tissues.  Monera        (Cell Type1): Prokaryote.  (Number of cells2): unicellular.    ( Specialized tissues3) :No.              (Type of nutrition4): autotrphic heterotrophic.         ( Role in ecosystem5): producers descomposers.          Protist             ( 1) Eukaryotic.   (2) unicellular in general.    (3) no.      (4) autotophic heterotrophic.       (5) producers consumers descomposers.            Fungi.         (1)eukariote.         (2) multicellular               (3) no.              (4) heterotrophic            (5) descomposers .              Animal.                 (1) eukariote.          (2) Multicellular.          (3) yes          (4) heterotrophic.        (5) consumer.           Plant             (1) eukariote       (2) multicellular       (3) yes.         (4). Autotrophic.          (5) producers

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