Tabla de verbos regulares e irregulares

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Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle Spanish
add added added add
answer answered answered reply
apologize apologized apologized apologize
arrest arrested arrested arrest
arrive arrived arrived get
ask asked asked ask
attack attacked attacked attack
be i was / were been be
become i became become become
begin i began begun begin
believe Believed Believed believe
boil boiled boiled boil
book booked booked book
borrow borrowed borrowed borrow
break i broke broken break
bring i Brought Brought bring
build i built built build
i buy bought bought buy
i catch caught caught catch
carry Carried Carried carry
change changed changed change
chop chopped chopped sting
clean cleaned cleaned clean
climb climbed climbed scalar
collect collected collected Collections
come i came eat come
compose composed composed compose
cook cooked cooked cook
copy copied copied copy
cut i cut cut cut
dance danced danced dance
describes described described describe
destroy destroyed destroyed destroy
die died died die
discover discovered discovered discover
discuss discussed discussed discuss
do i did done do
draw i Andrew drawn draw
i dream dreamed / dreamed dreamed / dreamed dream
drink i drank drunk drink
drive i drove driven drive
dye dyed dyed dye
eat i ate eaten eat
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed enjoy
explode exploded exploded exploit
extinguish extinguished extinguished extinct
i fall fell fail fall
feed i fed fed feed
i feel felt felt feel
i fight fought fought fight
find i found found find
fly i flew flown fly
i forget forgot forgotten forget
freeze i froze frozen freeze
fry fried fried fry
give i gave given give
go i went gone go
Grow i grew grown grow
happen happened happened happen
hate hated hated hate
have i had had have
i hear heard heard hear
help helped helped help
hire hired hired rent
hope Hoped Hoped wait
hunt hunted hunted hunt
hurt i hurt hurt injure, hurt
imagine imagined imagined imagine
invent invented invented invent
invite invited invited invite
jump jumped jumped skip
keep i kept kept keep
kill killed killed kill
i know knew known know
i leave left left let
Lend i lent lent provide
lie i lay lain lie
lie lied lied lie
lift lifted lifted lift
like liked liked like
listen listened listened listen
live lived lived live
look looked looked look
i lose lost lost lose
love loved loved love
makei made made do
meet i met met know, find
miss missed missed lose, miss
offer offered offered offer
open opened opened open
pack packed packed pack
pass passed passed pass, pass
i pay paid paid pay
peel peeled peeled peel
phone phone phone phone
plan planned planned plan
play played played play
pour poured poured pour
prefer preferred preferred prefer
prepare prepared prepared prepare
push pushed pushed push
put i put put put
rain rained rained rain
i read read read read
reduces reduced reduced reduce
remember remembered remembered remember
rent rented rented rent
rescue rescued rescued rescue
return returned returned return, return
ring i rang rung phone
run i ran run run
save saved saved save
say i said said say
search searched searched seek
send i sent sent send
scream screamed screamed scream
i see saw seen view
sell i sold sold sell
shine i shone shone shine
Shut i shut shut close
i sing sang sung sing
sit i sat sat sit
skate skated skated skate
ski skied skied skiing
i sleep slept slept sleep
smell smelled smelled smell
snore snorer snorer Snoring
speak i spoke spoken talk
spend i spent spent spend
start started started begin
stay stayed stayed stay
steali stole stolen steal
stop stopped stopped stop
study studied studied study
survive survived survived survive
i swim swam swum swim
Take i took taken take
talk talked talked talk
teach i taught taught teach
i tell told told say
thank Thanked Thanked thank
i think thought thought think
throw i threw thrown launch
touch touched touched play
try tried tried try
use used used use
visit visited visited visit
wait waited waited wait
walk Walked Walked walk
want wanted wanted want
warn warned warned warn
wash washed washed wash
watch watched watched look
wear i wore worn wear
i win won won win
work worked worked work
write i wrote written write


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