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This novel is a romance because:

1: Stanley was accused of stealing a shoe that supposedly fell from heaven, for that reason, he was sent to Camp Green Lake.

2: Stanley found a gold tube with the inscription KB while digging your hole, did not help anything, as he had promised to give X-rays which found, then I would not earn his day off.

3: X-Ray stole Mr. Sir your bag pipes, but for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and cover for his teammates, was Stanley who took a set of Vigilante, but in the end, Stanley did not no punishment, except the mania that took Mr. Sir, because their fault Vigilante had been slapped.

4: Stanley stole Mr. Sir's truck to go for Zero and try to drive without success, continued walking and once you found it, opened the way to the Great Thumb together.


Primary Topics

Friendship: Friendship is one of the most important themes of this novel, as if between Stanley and Zero's friendship had not arisen, Stanley would not have gone in search of Zero when he escaped, had not reached the Great Thumb and finally had no found the treasure.

Revenge: Revenge is also an issue is important because if Vigilante had not avenged his father sent him digging holes in their childhood, there would be no Camp Green Lake.

Bad luck: The bad luck is a primary issue because if Stanley did not have bad luck and was not always at the wrong time in the wrong place, they would not have happened most of the adventures recounted in the novel, mainly, they would not have shoes fallen from heaven in the end turn out to be stolen by Zero.

Teamwork: Teamwork is an important issue because if Stanley and Zero had not worked together on the way to the Great Thumb, had not found the treasure.

Effort: The effort is a primary issue because every day they strive to dig a hole and also because Zero and Stanley are struggling to reach the Great Thumb and if they had not sought had not succeeded in digging the last hole and therefore would not have found the treasure.


Rivalry: rivalry is an issue because it arises between partners, by the end of the first hole before the other and find what you were unaware that sought to dig. Not classified in the primary themes because it is not essential for the development of history.

Hate: Hate is an issue because most of the companions they have, and because Vigilante still trying to be nice at first, hates children, all he wants is to find the treasure.

Hope: Hope is also an issue because on the one hand, Zero and Stanley are hoping to reach the Great Thumb and second, Stanley has hopes that Zero is still alive at all times. But it is not important enough to classify him in a primary theme.

Proof: The proof is an issue because they are continuing to dig a hole every day until you finish your sentence.


Present → Stanley at camp:

Stanley is a boy who accused him of stealing sneakers and give it to choose between prison and Camp Green Lake, he chooses to Camp Green Lake where he met his future bandmates. Zero also knows with which it shares part of the adventures that happen there. Mainly, together make it to the Great Thumb and dig the hole in which they find the treasure.

110 years ago → Kate Barlow and Stanley's great-grandfather:

Kate (Kiss) Barlow, professor of Camp Green Lake became a feared assassin who kissed his victims before killing them (hence de Besos). He did so following the sheriff killed Sam, the man she loved killed him because he was forbidden for a black man kissing a white woman and he had done.

Kate Barlow robbed Stanley's great-grandfather all his money and buried. He died in Green Lake, a yellow-spotted lizard when Charles Walker and Linda Miller (Vigilante parents) were forced to tell him where the treasure was buried.

Madame Zeroni and Stanley's great-grandfather:

Madame Zeroni Elya Yelnats he gave one of his pigs to gave it to Myra Menke, the girl he wanted to marry.

Zeroni Madame explained that the pig put an big and strong enough to beat your opponent, you should upload it to the mountain every day and give you drink from the stream as she sang a song, had only one condition, would have to promise within the time specified, the stream would have to raise it and give it water, while it would have to sing that song.

He violated the pledge, then dropped a curse, the curse was that he and all his descendants would have bad luck for life.

How to relate the three strands?:

The three strands are related in that all began with the terrible curse that fell to Elya Yelnats (Stanley's great-grandfather) and all its descendants:

If Elya Yelnats had fulfilled the promise they would not have fallen this terrible curse on him and all his descendants, then, Kate Barlow had not stolen all his money to the grandfather of Stanley, had not buried any treasure, and therefore does not exist or Camp Green Lake and Hoyos.


Present → Stanley at camp:


Stanley: Stanley Yelnats is the protagonist because he fell shoes, he goes to Camp Green Lake, he gets to the Great Thumb, he finds the treasure, etc. ...


Zero is the co-star Hector Zeroni it is Stanley's best friend and accompanies him for most of this novel.


Vigilante: Vigilante is the antagonist because she does not want Stanley to find the treasure and believes completely the opposite of him, besides, she is the director of Camp Green Lake.


Lord Sir: Sir Lord is a minor character because he is in charge of Camp Green Lake and participates frequently in this part of the novel.

Peraski Lord: the Lord Peraski is a minor character because he is in charge of the group in which Stanley enters and participates in some cases.

X-Ray, Squid, Magnet, Armpit and Zigzag: Dubbed Rex, Alan, Joseph, Theodore and Rick are secondary characters because they are the companions of Stanley at Camp Green Lake and are involved in this part of the novel.

Tertiary Characters:

Tic: Nicknamed Brian is a tertiary character because Zero replaced at Camp Green Lake when he escaped from there, but not very relevant in this part of the novel.

Clyde Livingston: Livingston Clyde is a tertiary character because he is a famous baseball player who stole the slippers Zero, it is called in this part of the novel but does not intervene at any time.

110 years ago → Kate Barlow and Stanley's great-grandfather:


Stanley's great-grandfather, great-grandfather Stanley is the protagonist of this part of the novel it is that Kate (kisses) Barlow steals all his money and bury it where it is now called Camp Green Lake.


Katerinhe Barlow: Barlow Katerinhe turned into a killer known as Kate (Kiss) Barlow is the co-star in this part of the novel because it was the grandfather of Stanley stole all his money and buried his treasure, therefore, wanted all contrary to it.

Minor Characters:

Sam: Sam was a grower and seller of onions in Green Lake, is a minor character because he really was the cause of which should become Katerinhe Kate Barlow (Kisses) Barlow, and she started to kill following the sheriff would let the citizens of Green Lake was killed because a black man kissing a white woman.

Trout Walker and Linda Walker: Linda Miller, who became by marriage to Linda Walker Charles Walker (nicknamed Trout Walker for his smelly feet of fish) are secondary characters because, apart from being the parents of Vigilante, witnessed the death of Kate (Kisses) Barlow, as they tried to tell him where the treasure was stolen from Stanley's great-grandfather.

Tertiary Characters:

Dr. Hawthorn: Hawthorn Dr. Lake was Dr. Green, but has little relevance in this part of the novel.

Jim: Jim was the butcher of Green Lake, but it does not change this part of the novel in no time.

Pike: Pike was the owner of the Green Lake store but does not change anything this part of the novel.

Madame Zeroni and Stanley's great-grandfather:


Elya Yelnats, Elya Yelnats was Stanley's great-grandfather and the star because he is the one that drops the Curse of Madame Zeroni for not fulfilling the promise he promised.


Zeroni Madame: Madame Zeroni is the protagonist because that is what gives him the grandfather of Stanley pork to get married Myra Menke, who is also cast the curse him and all his descendants.

Minor Characters:

Myra Menke: Myra Menke is a minor character because he is with who wants to marry Elya Yelnats and if it were not for her had not developed this part of the novel.

Tertiary Characters:

Barkow Igor: Igor Barkow was one of the suitors of Myra Menke, but not very relevant in this part of the novel.

Personal opinion:

Not the kind of novels I like, but I recognize that for those who enjoy this type of novel is quite attractive.

I liked the combination of past and present that characterizes him, but I think it's a little confusing to put it that way.

It is clear that to be an adventure novel Louis Sachar has had a lot of imagination, as it is a little hard to believe it affects them that way just a curse that they did not know if it was true.

In conclusion, as I said before, I recommend it for people who likes adventure stories.

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