The Story Behind My Special Trophy

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The Trophy

Hello I'm going to show this trophy and I'm going to explain why it's so special for me. But before that, I'm going to explain some characteristics about the trophy.

Well, as you can see, it's made of metal in this part, but here it's made of marble. It also has a plaque made of metal that shows some information about the trophy. It is in perfect condition. Since I have had it, it has been in my bedroom where I have created a small museum with all my trophies and medals from playing football. I want to make it bigger, of course.

The History

Now, let's talk about the history of my object. I have had it since 2011 when I received it in the auditorium of Alcobendas called 'La Esfera'. The mayor of Alcobendas was the person in charge of giving me this trophy. I was nine years old when I received it, but it wasn't the first one I had. The first trophy I received was in 2006 for being the best player in a tournament.

So, why is this trophy so special? Well, it's special because of the anecdote it holds. In 2011, this trophy was for my entire team because we won the league in the 2010/2011 season. The town hall of Alcobendas was going to give a trophy to each team in the auditorium. Every team that had won a league had to be there. Our team should have been there, but the problem started when I arrived and I was the only player from my team at the ceremony. The managers didn't come either. When they announced my team's name, I was the only player who went on stage. The mayor even made a joke about the situation when he gave me the trophy because I was alone, unlike other teams that had multiple players and managers. The photo taken after the ceremony is very funny to me because every team was in their team tracksuit, but I was the only one, like a red dot on a blank paper.

After the ceremony, I was supposed to give the trophy to the club, but since no one asked for it back and I was the only one there, I decided to keep it. No one ever asked me about the trophy.

I decided to share this anecdote because I think it's very funny and something I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope you like it, teacher.

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