What is the story "what happened to a dean of santiago" about?

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This story is about what happened in a park to me and some friends.

This was a summer night, we were some friends gathered in a park to celebrate some good news, when we were swinging, a very sinister woman appeared, who began to look at us for a long time without moving. Our side, just as we wanted to talk to her, she just smiled at us. So scared we were, we ran away and she immediately began to chase us. When everything was calmer we went to some chairs placed near where we were but the girl reappeared behind us.We, scared to death, wanted to leave and went to a friend’s house to dismiss her so that she would not see us.

The girl never appeared again all night, but when she disappeared, we started hearing screams and asking for help, we stayed a while looking out the window, to see if it was her, but there was no one in that park.Finally, we started calling the police to come and do something for us to sleep and be calm that night The police came and calmed us down and nothing else happened.

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