Steps to war - aggression by japan, italy and germany 1931-1939

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Impressionism: Monet, Renoir, Degas, Rodin

Post-impressionism: Cézanne, Gaudin, Van Gogh

Fauvism: Matisse

Expressionism: Munch, Kirchner

Cubism: analytic or Synthetic. Picasso, Braque

The forms of colonial rule→ mayor imperialist power were GB and France. Soon joined by Germany, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Spain and US and Japan. Diverse forms of colonial rule: -concessions were commercial advantages, the transfer of ports and trade. -Protectors maintained their indigenous. -Governments, but the colonial strength-controlled policy, the army and exploitation of certain territories that were India and Egypt. -Colonies where territories under the sovereignty of such metropole. Position controlled strategic points. -Settler colonialism large scale settling of foreign population. Exploration colonialism, mainly isogenous.

The consequences of the war→ 9M people were killed. Caused serious material losses in croplands, industries, transport, and buildings. Contrasts between working classes, the impoverished middle classes and a minority which became enriched by war-based businesses. It favoured the work of women outside the home. Promoted pacifist and anti-militarist ideology, increasing the desire for revenge by the defeated countries, especially Germany.

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