Steps to war - aggression by japan, italy and germany 1931-1939

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1.Write down four ways in which Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles?He stopped paying WWI reparations.He built up the armed forces.He united Germany and Austria (Anschluss).He invaded Czechoslovakia

2.What was Neville Chamberlain´s main aim in his policy towards Hitler? To maintain peace.

3.How did Hitler achieve Anschluss?Nazis in Austria caused disturbances. Hitler used this to force the Austrian chancellor to resign. The Austrian Nazis then took over and invited the Germans into Austria to “restore order”.

4.Why did Britain and France agree that Germany could take over the Sudetenland?More than 50% of the population of the Sudetenland was German, so they thought Hitler’s demand was reasonable.In return.Hitler signed a statement to say that he would not start a war.

5.Explain why appeasement didn´t work?Hitler was not interested in a peaceful compromise, so it was impossible to appease him in the long run.

6.Who were the Axis Powers?Germany, Italy and Japan

7.How did WWII start? Germany invaded Poland. As a result, Britain and France declared war on Germany.

8.Write down three countries that remained neutral in WWII?Three of: Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Turkey.

9.Explain the tactics that Germany used to invade a number of countries very quickly.It used tactics called Blitzkrieg (lightning war). This involved using a concentration of tanks, planes and artillery to break through the enemy’s defences and then encircle them.

10.What was Operation Barbarossa?The German invasion of the Soviet Union.

11.What kind of batlle was the Battle of Britain?An air battle.

12.What event led to the United States joining the war?The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.

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