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Nowadays, fake news are part of our lives but not everyone knows about them. It is believed that they are not a problem for the society because they don´t hurt anyone. However, is that true?

On the one hand, we often talk about fake news, so people are concerned about them in some point. In addition, this type of news gives publicity to enterprises free. However, fake news may hurt people by saying thins that are not true, like maybe that a high school burnt with kids inside.

On the other hand, if you publish a fake new, you could go to prison for almost a year. The same happens if you share it no matter if you were the one who had published it or not. Furthermore, social medias have now an option to share the link of a fiable website so people cannot publish any fake new.

In conclusion, fake news are good for enterprises because the give free publicity, but they are not an option for live because they have a lots of bad things like going to prison. I believe the government should eradicate this type of news.

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