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A Dream Come  True

Since I was a child, my dream was always to be a great doctor and to achieve this I promised to be the best every day. 

When I was in school I worked hard to be the best to get a scholarship to study at the university, and get a good ICFES score, when I was in 11th grade and I took the exam, I was very nervous about the result, a few months later the result came and I felt very bad because it was not enough for what I wanted to study, my parents encouraged me saying it was a good score, but I still felt bad about myself.

When I finished 11th grade, we had a very nice ceremony in which they gave me the great news that I had won a 100% scholarship to study what I wanted, I was very happy and that made me want to continue fighting for my dream. 

The day came to buy the pins in the university, since I did not reach my average to study medicine, I enrolled in a pre-university course with an emphasis in Medicine, which I did.

When the first day of the pre-medic arrived, I was very nervous because it was very difficult to pass, because there were only 5 places and we were 50 students and everyone looked that they were very intelligent and that they wanted to pass, I was also very worried because I only had one year to use the scholarship or I lost it, in a nutshell it was my only opportunity.

Everything was going very well, although the atmosphere in the classroom was a bit heavy, it was an environment of competition and rivalry where nobody was friendly with anyone, when the week came to present the partials I am very nervous because if it did not happen I would have less chance of passing to medicine, but when the results came, I was very happy that all my efforts were worth it because I had passed all the tests with a good score.

When the day came to know who approved, I was very nervous and anxious, when the doctor put the scores on the board, I didn't want to look, but together with my friend Luisa we looked and we couldn't believe we were there. And finally my dream of studying medicine would come true.

 Now I am in the third semester and I think that studying medicine was the best decision of my life.

Currently I am inspired by my university professors I want to be like them there are good doctors and I like to help people to cope with diseases and if posible to cure them.

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