Spanish Verbs and Prepositions: Common Pairings and Meanings

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Common Spanish Verb and Preposition Pairings

acercarse a - to approach

arrepentirse de - to regret

atreverse a - to dare

convertirse en - to become

darse cuenta de - to realize

enterarse de - to find out about

fijarse en - to take notice of

morirse de - to die of

olvidarse de - to forget

preocuparse por - to worry

quejarse de - to complain

sorprenderse de - to be surprised about

Additional Meanings of 'para' and 'por'

para - destination, deadline/future time, goal, purpose, recipient, comparison with others, employment.

por - motion/general location, duration, reason/motive, object of search, means by which, exchange/substitution, measure

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