Socio-cultural life of Zaria Town

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Globalization is the process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society and function together.A combination of economic technological socio-cultural and political forces,but in recent years improved technologies and a reduction of barriers means the speed of exchange is much faster.Is the result of planning by politicians to breakdown borders hampering trade to increase prosperity and interdependence thereby decreasing the chance of future war.Their work led to the Bretton Woods conference,an agreement by the world´s leading politicians.1)lay down the framework for international commerce and finance.2)the foundinpg of several international institutions intended to oversee the processes of globalization. Institutions the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development(the World Bank)and the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and World Trade Organization.

Benefits ofGlobalization: +Improve and reduce poverty.India has cut its property rate in half in the past two decades.China has reduced the number of rural poor from 250 milion.Cheaper imports also make a wider range of products accesible to more people and,through competition,can help promote efficiency and productivity.+Globalization has led to improved access to health care and clean water which has increased life expectancy.+Have contributed to the toppling of undemocratic regimes and a growth in liberal democracies.+Improved and accountability has contributed to positive enviromental outcomes by encouraging the use og more efficient,less-polluting technologies and facilitating economies imports of renewable substitutes for use in place of scarce domestic natural resources.+Enabled international political and economic tensions to be resolved on a rules based approach,bolstered peace.+Workplace standards has made an important contribution to respect for international labour standards.+International migration has led to greater recognition of diversity and respect for cultural identities.

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