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Future possibility / if + pres Simp / Future simple - imperative / I’ll be late if I don't’ hurry - If you are tired go to bed - You can have a sandwich if you want something to eat.

Imaginary or hypothetical situation in the present or future - Giving advice. / If + Past Simp / Would + base form - could ¬ might + base form / If he tried harder, he would do better at school - If he won the lottery, we could buy a car. - If I were you, I would invite Tom to the party.

Situation in the past which is over and cannot be changed / If + Past Perfect Simple / Would + have + Past participle - Could ¬ might + have + past participle / If I had woken up on time, I wouldn't have been late for school. - We might have visited you if we had known you were in hospital.

When, after, unti, till, by the time, as soon as, before, as long as / Future situation /

Future Simple - After she leaves, we will tidy up the house. I will call you as soon as I get home.

Imperative - When you finish eating, please do the washing up.

Modal + base form - You can’t go out before you finish your homework.

PASSIVE : PS- Study/ PC- Are studying / PAS - Studied / PPS- Have studied.


Have/Get + object + past participle: He is having / getting his hair cut.

Have + agent + base form: I had my mother drive me to school.

Get + agent + infinitive: She will get her friend to help her organise the party.

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