Simple past grammar

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PastSimple: I go to my house

PastConti: I was going to my house

Past Perf Simple: I had gone to..

Pre Perf Simple: I have gone..

Future Sim: I will go to ..

Be going to: I am going to go..

FuturePerSimp: I will have gone..

Futu Conti: I will be going to..

PrePerfConti: I have been going

PastPerConti: I had been going

0 :General truths and general habits

 -If + present simple, present simple

1:Possible or likely things in the future

-If + present simple, will + infinitive

2: Impossible things in the present / unli

kely things in the future

- If + past simple, would + infinitive

3:Things that didn't happen in the past

 and their imaginary results

- If + past perfect, would + have + past


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