Simple past grammar

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Present Simple-Past simple                                         
Present Continuous-Past Continuous
Past Simple-Past Perfect Simple
Past Continuous- Past Perfect Continuous
Present Perfecte Simple- =
Present Perfect Continuous- Past Perfect Continuous
Past Perfect Simple-=
Past Perfect Continuous-=
Future Simple-would
Can-could    May-might  Must/have to-must had to
now-then    today-that day  tonight-that night
yesterday-The previous day   last week-the previous week
a month ago- the previous month      tomorrow-the next day
next week- the week after    here-there  this-that  these-those
1Condicional: If/Unless+ Present simple, sujeto present simple
2condicional: If/Unless + Past simple, sujeto would/could/might
                                                                        base form
3 Condicional: If+Past Perfect Simple, sujeto would/could/might
                                                             have+v participle

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