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BTP: the Colonist refused to pay taxes so a group of them in 1773 disguised as Indians threw A cargo of tea into the sea in Boston/EG: was an assembly where the nobility, Clergy and the third state, half of the people where from the privilege estate And the other from the third state and this was called to approve new Taxes/Girondin: represented the interest of the wealth bourgeoisie, they had Moderate views and supported constitutional monarchy and limited suffrage, they Control legislative assembly/Jacobin: represented the petite bourgeoisie. They Had more radical views, they wanted to abolish the monarchy, establish a Republic and introduce manhood suffrage/THE TERROR: was a dictatorship ruled by The Jacobin Robespierre in which there were a lot of executions by guillotines  including the king and the queen, members of The nobility and the clergy even Robespierre and they were in public  /CB:  Consist the close of every port to not import British goods in Europe by Every country dependent controlled by France and of France’s coalition powers, Such as Russia and Austria. This was an idea of Napoleon to invade Great Britain, The only country that the never defeated.

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