Causes and Significance of the American Revolution

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Causes of the American Revolution

  • Organize Great Britain's new North American empire
  • Stabilize relations with Native North Americans
  • Stabilize land purchases on the western frontier

Major Events

  • England passes series of taxes and laws designed to make Colonies pay for war. Colonies do not like this. Events like the Boston Massacre, and Boston Tea Party occur to protest the policies that are aimed at America.
  • American colonist exchange fire with British troops at Lexington.
  • Declaration of Independence.
  • Treaty of Ghent ends war.

Short and Long Term Consequences

  • Ended war between Indians and settlers
  • Formed alliance with French.

The Royal Proclamation: Answer in full sentences

1) What are the key aspects of the Royal Proclamation?

To achieve peace and unity across North America so once and for all Canada and America could become a united and diverse place.

2) How does this relate with current land negotiations in Canada?

  • That we protect everyone, and anyone can buy land and come to agreements in Canada.

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