Shopping Vocabulary and Sustainable Consumption

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Shopping Vocabulary

  • Afford: to have enough money to buy something
  • Auction: a public sale where items are sold to the highest bidder
  • Bargain: a good deal or a lower price
  • Boutique: a small shop that sells fashionable clothes or accessories
  • Brand: a particular company's product or line of products
  • Browse: to look at items in a shop without buying anything
  • Cashier: a person who handles payments and receipts in a shop
  • Changing Room: a room in a shop where customers can try on clothes
  • Charity Shop: a shop that sells second-hand items to raise money for charity
  • Customer: a person who buys goods or services from a shop
  • Deliver: to bring goods or services to a person's location
  • Department Store: a large shop that sells a wide variety of products
  • Exchange: to give something back and receive something else in return
  • Get a Discount: to receive a reduction in price
  • Order: to request and pay for goods or services
  • Pay in Cash: to use physical money to make a payment
  • Personal Shopper: a person who helps customers choose and buy items
  • Refund: to receive money back for a returned item
  • Rip Someone Off: to overcharge or cheat someone
  • Sales: a period of time when items are sold at reduced prices
  • Sales Assistant: a person who helps customers in a shop
  • Save Up: to keep money for future use
  • Second-hand: previously owned or used by someone else
  • Shopping Trip: a journey to go shopping
  • Sweatshop: a factory where workers are exploited and paid very low wages
  • Window Shopping: to look at items in shop windows without buying anything

Sustainable Consumption

Biodegradable: capable of being decomposed by natural processes

Compost: decayed organic material used as a fertilizer

Consume: to use up or eat or drink

Consumer: a person who buys and uses goods or services

Consumption: the act of using up goods or services

Dispose: to throw away or get rid of something

Disposable: designed to be thrown away after use

Dump: to get rid of something in an irresponsible way

Dumped: thrown away or abandoned

Emit: to release or give off

Emission: the act of releasing something, especially gas or radiation

Environmental: relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on it

Incinerate: to burn something completely

Incinerator: a machine or facility used for incineration

Telephone Vocabulary

  • Call Back: to return a phone call
  • Cut Someone Off: to interrupt or end a phone conversation abruptly
  • Get Through: to successfully make contact with someone by phone
  • Hang Up: to end a phone call by putting the receiver down
  • Listen In: to secretly listen to someone's phone conversation
  • Make a Call: to initiate a phone call
  • Quieten Down: to reduce the volume or noise level during a phone call
  • Ring Up: to make a phone call
  • Run Out Of: to use all of something and have no more left
  • Switch Off: to turn off a phone or electronic device
  • Top Up: to add credit or money to a phone or account
  • Turn Down: to decrease the volume or sound level during a phone call

Expressions Related to Shopping and Spending

  • Be Bitten by the Bug: to become very interested or enthusiastic about something
  • Be Hooked On: to be addicted or obsessed with something
  • Be on a High: to feel very happy or excited
  • Be Up to Your Eyeballs: to be very busy or deeply involved in something
  • Cost an Arm and a Leg: to be very expensive
  • Feel Down: to feel sad or depressed
  • Get Out of Hand: to become out of control
  • Go on a Spending Spree: to spend a lot of money in a short period of time
  • Live from Hand to Mouth: to have just enough money to cover basic expenses
  • Retail Therapy: the act of shopping to improve one's mood or emotional well-being
  • Tighten Your Belt: to reduce spending and live more frugally

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