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afford, auction, bargain, boutique, brand, browse, cashier, changing room, charity shop, customer, deliver, department store, exchange, get a discount, order, pay in cash, pay by credit card, personal shopper, refund, rip something off, sales, sales assistant, save up, second-hand, shopping trip, sweatshop,, take something back, try something on, try something out, window shopping, be bitten by the bug, be hooked on, be on a high, be up to your eyeballs in, cost an arm and a leg, feel down, get out of hand, go on a spending spree, livre from hand to mouth, retail therapy, shop on a shoestring, shop until you drop, tighten you belt, biodegradable, compost, consume, consumer, consumption, dispose, disposable, dump, dumped, emit, shopaholic, facing, former, reward, retail, packaging, gift-givers, frenzy, emission, envioronmental, incinerate, incinerator, landfill site, manufacture, manufacturer, pollute, pollutant, pollution, recycle, recycling, recyclable, renewable, reuse, sustain, sustainability, sustainable, toxic, waste, wasteful, cheer up, face up to, get through, go on, make up for

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