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defines OpenFlow as the first standard communications interface defined between the control and forwarding layers of an SDN architecture. OpenFlow allows direct access to and manipulation of the forwarding plane of network devices such as switches and routers, both physical and virtual 


OF Capable Switch: Physical OF switch.  Can contain one or more OF logicalswitches.

OpenFlow Configuration Point: configurationservice

OF Controller: Controls logical switch via OFprotocol

Operational Context: OF logicalswitch

OF Queue: Queues of packets waiting forforwarding

OF Port: forwarding interface. May be physical orlogical.

OF Resource: ports, queues, certificates, flow tables and other  resources of OF capableswitches  assigned to a logicalswitch

Datapath ID: 64-ID of the switch. Lower 48-bit = Switch  MAC address, Upper 16-bit assigned by theoperator

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