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dear sir/Madam

1. I´m interested in applying to university of murcia for admision in 2018. 2.I have passed the senior school certificated examination and i am panning to do my bachelor´s in social scieces. 3.I would really appreciate it if you would send me information about the degree of audiovisual communication.4.I have visited the program´s website and throughly reviewed the program brochure but i still have a few questions.5.I´m specially interested in learning about the duration of this degree.6.You can send my information at the address given above.7.If you habe any questions about my request please contact me by phone at 645.... Or by email at gonza.....8. I would very much appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss the labor exits.9.I would also like to know if any funding is available to first-year students.10.If  you are available please let me know a time when it would be convenient for you to meet with me.11.Thank you for your time and consideration.12.I look forward to hearing from you.13.Yours faithfully(name abajo)

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