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RS: -He said that Jenny would be doing some temporary work in a hospital the following summer -He asked me what I had done with his iPad -Secretary told me to sign that form  -The headmaster wanted to know why I wanted to come to that University PASSIVE: -The teacher was asked by the students to explain them the exercise again. -Me and my sister were told by our dad to clean up our room -10,000 were given to the charity anonymously -A box of organic vegetable is delivered to us every week  Rewrite using conditional -If you had asked me, I would have lend you the money -they are in a trafic... -If I hadn´t been full, we would have stayed at that hotel /* -If I had found my mobile, I would have phoned you -If you don´t stop to make noise, I will call the police  RS: -He said that John would be working in his father´s hospital the following winter -He asked where I had found his iPhone. -The secretary told me to wait a minute -The headmaster asked why I found that College interesting  PASSIVE -Their parents were asked by their children why they couldn´t go out. -Me and my brother were told by our father to help him to clean the attic -A job in Australia have been offered to me  -Are the hotel rooms cleaned every day? Rewrite using conditional -If you would have needed it, I had lend you the money. -If they wouldn´t have missed the bus, they had got late at school  Will. Be going to or present continous  -I am going to meet my friends outside... -Look at the time, we are going to be late -I will see you when I get back....  -We will win our next game.... -We should get to the club early or we aren´t going to get in. Past simple or present perfect: -Olivia sang whit a band whe she... -We have gone to the USA... -I finished the book the same day.. -Look at the time! Where have you been ? -We haven´t seen a good film...

Reported speech:1.Present Simple(Past simple) 2.Present continous(Past continous) 3.Present perfect(Past perfect) 4.Past Simple(Past perfect) 5.Past continous(Past perfect continous) 6.Be going to(was/were going to) 7.Will(Would) 8.Would(Would) 9.Can(Could) 10.Could(Could) 11.May(Might) 12.Might(might) 13.Must(Had to) 13.Mustn´t(Mustn´t) 14.Shlould/Ought to(Should/Ought to)

1.Now(Then) 2.Today(That day) 3.Tonight(That night) 4.Yesterday(The previous day) 5.Tomorrow(The next day) 5.Next week(The following week) 6.Last week(The previous week) 7.A week ago(The week before) 8.This(that) 9.These(Those) 10.Here(There)

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