The Scarlet Letter: Characters, Vocabulary, and Plot Summary

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11 Hester was tall: C long bland hair

12 Hester had married: A a much older man

13 Hester has to wear: D the rest of her life

14 Mr Dimmesdale was a priest: A shy and sensitive

15 Hester’s daughter: C play with other children

16 Roger Chillingworth was well: D for his knowledge of medicines

17 Pearl was a child: A of many moods

18 Governor Bellingham wanted to: C pearl

19 Roger Chillingworth was the: B medical adviser

20 Mistress Hibbins was the. A sister


31 a person who works as: B magistrate

32 a high platform where criminals: A scaffold

33 having done nothing: B innocent

34 a long, thin piece of cotton: A thread

35 having done something: C guilty

36 being kind and forgiving: D mercy


41 The women in the town: C ought to die

42 Hester made little: B coats and hats

43 Roger Chillingworth asked Hester: A Secret

44 Roger Chillingworth was shocked by what: C pulled open the priest’s shirt

45 Hester believed that Roger: A secret enemy

46 Hester and Pearl talked to Arthur: B forest

47 Roger Chillingworth planned to: A go on the ship

48 Hester stood: A on the scaffold

49 Pearl became the: D richest person

50 Pearl always kept her: C home in England

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