The Russian Revolution: From Tsarist Autocracy to Bolshevik Rule

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Prelude to Revolution

In February 1917, a massive demonstration in Petrograd sparked a general strike and barracks riots. The Tsar abdicated, and a provisional government, dominated by bourgeois parties, took power.

The Provisional Government

The provisional government promised to establish a parliamentary democracy but remained committed to the war effort. This hindered promised reforms and exacerbated popular discontent.

Rise of the Soviets

The Soviets, workers' councils, demanded the government's dismissal and withdrawal from the war. The unity that had fueled the revolution began to fracture, creating a duality of power between the provisional government and the Soviets.

The Bolshevik Revolution

On October 25, 1917, the Bolsheviks, supported by the Soviets and Red Guards, seized Petrograd and overthrew the provisional government. A workers' government led by Lenin was established.

Revolutionary Measures

: land was expropriated and

distributed among the peasants; workers were given control of factories, and the

signature of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918) with Germany, by which Russia

withdrew from the war, suffering great territorial losses in november.

league of nations: us pred. woodrow wilson presented a manifesto based on his vision for peace and desire to not seek revenge so, the LN was created to guarantee peace and cooperation between states. However, the project failed bc germany,a long with the other defeated nations, and the USSR were initially excluded.

treaty of versailles: this treaty was signed at versailles and it established peace with germany. It declared that germany was responsible for the war and forced it to pay out large amounts of money to compensate for the destruction caused. it also took away germany´s colonial empire and divided it between britain and france. Finally, its army and navy were reduced to a minimum, and part of its territory was divided between the victors.

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