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GRAMMAR * 2.A) I'm playing in the tennis... won't win 3.Won't remember 4.'ll forget 5.Won't sell 6. 'll miss *2. Lend/you some money? Shall i lend you some money? 3.I'll have the children? 4.Shall i take you coat? 5.Shall i turn off the air conditioning? 6.I won't be late? *Are these sentences promises... 2P 3O 4O 5D 6P *2A)what time  do/go/read 3.Will win/'ll lose 4. Were/doing/was watching 5.Have/dreamt/'ve/had 6. Are/doing/ reading 7.Did/ sleep/ woke up 8.Are/leaving/ im going to go *What colour are our dreams? 2.Have done 3. Works 4.'s studying 5. Has_published 6.Helped 7. Chose 8.Discovered 9.Had 10.Saw 11.Were watching *2.Thanks for coming to see 3.Not to finish 4.To find 5.Not to tell 6.Not to do 7.To rent *2. Difficult/talk difficult to talk 3.Easy to buy 4.Important not to say 5.Great to hear 6.Fun to be 7.Kind to invite *2.They're going to evening classes to study 3.To book 4.To make 5. To get 6. To take *2.My brother is always when to call 3. How many to buy 4.Where to go 5.What to study 6. How much to take *2.You spend too long playing 3. Studying 4.Writing 5.Snowing 6.Going 7.Swimming 8.Getting 9.Listening 10 using/ not driving *Match the sentence beginnings... 2A 3E 4F 5D 6B *What makes you feel good?... 3.Imagining 4driving 5listening 6Staying 7.Reading 8.Gettin up 9.Talking 10.Going 11.Exercising 12.Having 13turning 14.Leaving *Reading the digital way 2. To use 3.Buying 4.To carry 5.Travelling 6.To read 7.To look for 8.To show 9.Reading 10.Looking 11. Not to lose 12.To borrow 13.To lend 14.Reading 15to take 16 to change

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