Romeo and Juliet: Servants, Love, and Conflict in Verona

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Who are Sampson and Gregory?

They are Lord Capulet's servants.

Why are they bored, aggressive, and playful?

Because they like fighting, but now there is peace in Verona, so they have to clean and do things that they don't like.

What is love for them?

Love for them is only sex.

Who is Abram?

He is a Montague's servant.

Who starts the fight? How? Why?

The fight began because Sampson and Gregory wanted to fight with Abram, and Abram started the fight because Sampson and Gregory were causing it.

Who is Benvolio? And Tybalt? Are they Montagues or Capulets?

Benvolio is Lord Montague's, Romeo's cousin. Tybalt is a Capulet and Juliet's cousin. They are enemies because they hate each other and they want to fight.

Why does Tybalt say it is not appropriate for Benvolio to fight Sampson or Gregory?

Because Gregory and Sampson are poor servants, so Tybalt wants Benvolio to fight worth him to kill him.

Why does Lord Montague want to take part in the fight too?

Because Capulets and Montagues servants were fighting.

Does Lady Montague like the idea? How do you know? What is a crutch?

No, she doesn't. She said he was very old and he needed a crutch. Crutch = muleta/crossa.

Why is the queen so angry? What are the consequences of their acts?

Because they were fighting and making noise. They had to talk with her.

What is the problem with Tybalt?

He wants to kill all the Montagues.

What is wrong with Romeo?

He's in love with Rosalina but she doesn't love him.

Do you think is the first time he is in love?

Yes, because he says love is very strange and usually this people that fall in love at the first time do this.

Who is Benvolio? What advice does he give Romeo?

He's Lord Montague's nephew, he says he has to forget her and there are many other girls.

How many different types of love are there?

Sex and passion love.

Why does Paris want to marry Juliet?

Because he needs a family to go EUA.

Do Lord and Lady Capulet like it?

Yes, they liked because Paris is a member of the court.

Paris says a lot of girls get married and have children.

True, because in that period many girls get married with 13 years old.

Why does Lord Capulet decide to make a party?

To convince Juliet to marry Paris.

Do many parents still today make their?

Yes, India, Bangladesh.

Can Sampson read? Why?

No, because he never went to school and he was poor.

What does Benvolio want to do?

He wants to go to the party with Romeo because there will be Rosalind.

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