Romanesque Art: Power, Wealth, and Religious Subjects

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  • Had a religious purpose.
  • To demonstrate power and wealth.
  • The distribution of weight.
  • The pointed arch.
  • The ribbed vault.
  • The flying buttress.
  • The cathedral was taller.
  • Large windows.
  • Latin class.
  • Long arm with 3 or 5 naves ended in a polygonal apse.
  • Short arm apse.

  • A mother interacting with her son.
  • More details in the clothes, more naturalistic.
  • It has expression, unlike Romanesque art.

  • Represented religious subjects, scenes from the Bible.
  • Figures were more realistic, expressive, and dynamic.
  • Had background and landscapes.
  • Small illustrations in bibles.
  • Bright colors, especially gold.
  • Painting on freestanding wooden panels became very important.

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