Rise of Fascism and Nazism Leading to World War II

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1921 Mussolini founded the National Fascist Party

and proclaimed himself the leader. Fascism: support of the board of the social sector, renew Italy. 1922 blackshirts (paramilitary militias) undertook Rome. King Victor Emanuel III entrusted him to form a new government. Mussolini has social, political cultural, politics, economy, society power.

1925 assassination of Matteotti = the Parliament dissolved

, fascism dictatorship installed. Crisis in 1929 unemployment- Public Works/ imperialist expansion by the state = good propaganda

1930 Italy allied with Germany

The Treaty of Versailles pulled Germany into misery. Violent political and social situation = Nazis party led by Adolf Hitler 1933 enormous inflation lead to nowhere. Munich Putsch- I failed attempt at coup d’état. To prevent Germans collapse there was aid plan to reactivate their economy by holding international confidence. 1926 reconciliation between Germany and France, Germany admitted to the League of Nations. 1933 the President of the Republic made Hitler the Prime Minister. Nazism began to dismantle the democratic system

Nazis ideologies:

backing of an indisputable leader, superiority of the Aryan race, Germany expansion in east Europe, anti-semitism stripped the Jews to possess the German nationality and revanchismo against France //1933-1934 Hitler went from being a constitutional government to be a full dictatorship: chancellor, president, and commander. 1934 Nazi against SA, the leaders were assassinated (the Night of the Long Knives) Concentration camps/ expansion


the First World War was defined by instability and political problems that led to the Second World War. Great depression recession followed by the crash of Wall Street in 1929, nations look for their solutions, protectionist measures, and completed for markets Germany had the worst situation due to World War I, they had a system of autarky, which was unsuccessful// totalitarian regimes: Nazis had an aggressive police site to make up their humiliation. They took the policy of appeasement not successful and society divided into two blocks// Hitler becomes a Chancellor Hitler pushed Germany to the war due to its policy// The League of Nations fails many of the Mayer powers of the world did not join the League of Nations so it failed, their proposal was to collect security// territorial conflicts and expansionism: many of the old conflicts from the territorial expansion from World War one reappeared//

Key events from the war:

Germany wanted to expand its territories, annexing Austria in 1938 and Sutherland in the same year. In 1930 USSR signed a non-aggression pact with Germany “Molotov- Ribbentrop Pact”// Germany invaded Poland 1st September 1939// Germanic dominance in Europe 1939 and 1941 when Germany invaded Poland they divided it between the USSR// in spring 1940 Germany invaded Norway and Denmark// Lightning war, France invaded neutral powers, Belgium, and Netherlands but its army was defeated, 1940 Germans occupied Paris// June 1940 Battle of Britain began, and air force war// early 1941 Germans landed in Africa and got the English out of Egypt and controlled the Suez Canal// April 1941 with Italy‘s help Germans invaded Yugoslavia// June 1941 Operation Barbarossa and attacked the USSR// December 1941 Japan launched I surprise attack or European colonies, they Allied counter-offensive 1942/1944 when the US entered the war, these took a decisive turn

June 1942 Battle of Stalingrad, bloodiest water in the world Russia defeatedGermany// German Italian army was defeated in North Africa in the Battle of the EI Alamein (1942)// in 1943 the British and the US Army is launched in Sicily and topped the Mussolini regime// 1944 Normandy landings took place, Allies Advanced towards Paris and liberated Belgium and Netherlands German resistance collapsed on the eastern front and Soviets headed for Poland and the Balkans Japan could not stop the US troops and liberated the Philippines

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