Rhetorical devices in The Metamorphosis

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* Rhetorical: there is a shortage of rhetorical. Emphasizes the use of the rhetorical question above all the incomprehensible and absurd hyperbole Gregor.La situation appears frequently intensifies situations and providing more tension and drama. Symbols can be analyzed from the standpoint of rhetoric, some of them are: "The darkness of the room that is increasingly Gregor intensifies = degradation. The sun rising in the end is a new beginning for the family. "The insect represents the state of alienation, but also the state of protection or isolation by the shell. -Gregor does not want to eat human and animal refuses food, there is one food you want but can not guess what. It is interpreted as the spiritual quest. "Hindered communication: voice of the insect is not understood by others, but Gregor if he understands the other. "The staff, the newspaper and apples symbolize the violence and irrational power of the father. "The father's financial debt represent original sin, and Gregor should be blamed, as the descendants of Adam and Eve. "Grete's violin music and art represent (the only food capable of saving the bug that does not serve human food). "The table that holds Gregor Gregor symbolize the desire to experience erotic.

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