Revolution of October 9, 1820: Independence in Guayaquil

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a) October 9th, 1820

The revolution of October 9, 1820 has its antecedents from 1814. José de Antepara, José Joaquin Olmedo, and Jose de Villamil arrived in Guayaquil to introduce new political concepts and forms of government to the people. These patriots emphasized independence, democracy, and the republic, advocating for necessary changes in political and social structures.

Major Miguel de Utamendi arrived in the port, connecting with other figures from Spanish America. On October 8, 1820, the conspirators initiated their plan, successfully taking over the city's barracks. A government junta was formed, and the flag of independent Guayaquil was raised.

b) Atahualpa and the Spanish People

The Incas, formed by the Cañaris, were led by Huayna Capac. His sons, Atahualpa and Huascar, vied for power. Atahualpa was tricked by the Spanish conquistadors, leading to his demise. The whereabouts of the Incas' treasures, hidden by Rumiñahui, remain a mystery to this day.

Atahualpa, after briefly ruling Cusco, was captured, tortured, and killed by the Spanish. His death marked the end of Inca resistance against the Spanish conquest. Rumiñahui's treasures, along with the fate of the Incas, remain unknown.

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