The Second Revolution and the Impact of World War One

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1870 Systems starts second revolution

1871-1890 Bismarckian aliens

1875 German Social Democratic Party

1885 Berlin conference

1889 Second International

1891 Peace through strength

1891 Triple Alliance, Triple Entente

1813 Forward assembly lines

1914 Panama Canal

1914-1918 World War One

1914 Assassination of Francisco Fernando, Austro-Hungary

Ultimatum to Syria, War is Declared

Serbia, Russia supports Serbia, Germany versus Russia, Your Money versus France, Germany invades Belgium

Japan, Triple Entente, Ottoman, Triple Alliance

1914-1915 War Movement

1915 Italy, Triple Entente, Bulgaria, Triple Alliance

1916 Battle of Verdun in Germany, Battle of Somme

1917-1918 End of the War

1917 US entered the war

1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

1919 Treaty of Versailles

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