Review of Balancing Moments and Making a Scale

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1 Balancing Moments

  • seesaw: sube y baja 4
  • Perpendicular: At a 90 degree angle to something
  • Newton: The unit of measurement of force
  • Clockwise: In the same direction as the movement of the hands on a clock
  • Counterclockwise: In the opposite direction to the movement of the hands on a clock


  • a-You have to calculate the moment
  • b-The wheel turns more easily when you spin it from near the rim. The distance


Left is 2FI, same result
M=(30) (0.15)=4.5

Right is 2dF, same result

2 Making a Scale

  • Spring constant: A measure of how stiff or strong a spring is
  • Extension: The increase in the length of something
  • Elastic: A material able to resume its original shape after being stretched or compressed
  • Elastic Limit: The extent to which an object can be stretched without permanently altering its shape or size


  • a- It refers to how stiff or strong a spring is
  • b- It's stiff because a spring with a big spring constant requires more force to extend

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