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Dear Sir, 12th July 2021

I am writing this letter in reference to a possible stay in Mykonos. I would like to spend one or two weeks in July at a bed and breakfast hotel near a beach. I would also like to visit typical villages and little islands. Also, I would like to visit wild beaches as well as local Greece restaurants. Please let me know about economical fly options and accommodation possibilities. Thank you very much for your kind information.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Sincerely./ Yours faithfully

Estela Fermamdez valdueza

1. Middlemen is a general term for agents, brokers, dealers, merchants.

2. Wholesaler an intermediary who stocks goods from various suppliers.

3. Franchise a person who buys (and takes possession of) goods and

4. Retailer a merchant such as a shopkeeper who sells to..

5. Outlet a place where goods are sold to

6. Distribuidor a person (generally a wholesaler) who stocks and resells

7. Chainstore all branches have the same name and are usually…

8. Hypermarket have a shopping area larger than 50,000 square feet

9. Market stalls often move around to different cities

10. Shopping center whole shopping area is closed to traffic.

11. Department store stock a very wide range of woods and many

12. Independent shop like to give personal attention

- Hola buenos días, IBM internacional. Le habla Juan

- Hello good morning, IBM internacional. This is Juan speaking

- Hola soy Ana llamo de parte de Antonio pérez me gustaría hablar con el jefe de ventas, por favor?/ Hello, I'm Anna. I'm calling on behalf of Mr. Perez, I Would like to speak with the sales manager.

- Quién llama?/who's calling?

- Juan Fernandez de Market internacional/ Juan Fernandez from Market international

- Un momento por favor, no cuelgue. Lo siento en este momento la línea está ocupada. ¿quiere dejar un mensaje?/Just a moment please. I'm afraid the lines are engaged. Would you like to leave a message?

- Puede decirle que me llame?/Could you ask him that called?

- Cuál es su número?/what's your number please?

- 63462728 extension 233

- okay ya he tomado nota. Gracias por llamar, le diré que te llame tan pronto como sea posible./ Okay, I’ve got it all down. Thanks for calling. I will tell you to call as soon as possible.

  • Just as Rd is short for Rd is short for road, St and Sq are short for Statement and standard quantity.

  • 12/7/99 means 12th July 1999 in Britain but it means July 12th 1999 in America.

  • #24 means number 24

  • ASAP means as soon as possible and FYI for your information

  • &CO and company

  • RSVP means please reply

  • IOU i owe you

  • PA means personal assistant but p.a means per annum.

  • N/A not applicable

  • NB means pay attention to this

  • COD means cash on delivery

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