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·Agree/estar de acuerdo: he agreed to do it.

·Offer/ofrecerse a: he offered to open the window.
·Promise/prometer: he promised to finish it.
·Refuse/negarse a: he refused to do it.
·Threaten/amenazar: he threatened to call the police.
·Advise/aconsejar: he advised me to stop smoking.
·Ask/preguntar: he asked me to lend him some money.
·Beg/suplicar: he begged me to help him.
·Invite/invitar: he invited me to come to the party.
·Order/ordenar: he ordered me to shut up.
·Remind/recordar: he reminded me to send the letter.
·Warn/advertir: he warned me not to touch the iron.
·Admit/admitir: he admitted breaking the window.
·Deny/negar: he denied breaking the window.
·Insist on/insistir en: he insisted me staying to diner.
·Acuse sb of/acusar: he accused me of stealing her necklace.
·Apologise for/disculparse por: he apologized for not telling me.
·Congratulate on/felicitar: he congratulated me on passing the exams.
·Explain/explicar: he explained that verbs
·Complain/quejarse: he complained that i never phoned him.
·Suggest/sujerir: he suggested going to the cinema.

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