Reparation, Loquacious, Refutable, and More: Vocabulary Words Explained

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The Making of Amends for Wrong or Injury Done - Reparation

Tending to Talk a Great Deal - Loquacious

To Prove to Be False or Erroneous, as an Opinion or Charge - Refutable

Showing Great Attention to Detail, Very Careful and Precise - Meticulous

A Right or Privilege Exclusive to a Particular Individual or Class - Prerogative

A Person New to or Inexperienced in a Field or Situation - Novice

Dangerously High or Steep - Precipitous

The Ability to Make Good Judgements and Quick Decisions, Typically in a Particular Domain - Acumen

Having or Showing a Strong or Unreasoning Desire for Revenge - Vindictive

A Spontaneous or Natural Liking Sympathy for Someone or Something - Affinity

Not Conspicuous or Attracting Attention - Unobtrusive

The Character and Atmosphere of a Place - Ambience

Existing or Being Everywhere, Especially at the Same Time; Omnipresent - Ubiquitous

Sensory Contact - Clairvoyant

Trembling or Quivering Movement, Fear - Trepidation

Of the Same; Alike - Homogenous

To Examine in Detail with Careful or Critical Attention - Scrutinize

Match or Surpass (a Person or Achievement), Typically by Imitation - Emulate

Severely Exact or Accurate - Rigorous

Not Harmful or Offensive - Innocuous

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