Rene Descartes: The Father of Rationalism

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René Descartes is introduced into modern philosophy being the father of rationalism.

René is born in 1596 and dies in 1650

Descartes was a dualist. He affirmed that there are two substances: that of the body that possesses the attribute of extension, and that of the soul that possesses the attribute of thought.

There was a new worldview, this change implied a break with the old religious beliefs and the knowledge of other philosophers of the new planetary system was added, coming to the theory that the center of it was the sun. Because of this, Rene wanted to build new knowledge, that is, a new world for him.

Descartes attributes to the matter a creative force of its own, and considers the mechanical movement as the vital manifestation of matter ...

René wanted to find not 8000 new ideas if not a single truth that cannot be questioned.

Descartes used doubt as a method, guided by the mathematical method in which there are no errors to discover if a proposition is true or false.

Explain what Rene Descartes meant by "I think, therefore I exist."

René Descartes tried to establish an absolutely obvious truth through a deductive system, arguing that the cogito or thought, which are all conscious acts of the spirit, always implies doubt.

Descartes then concludes that if it is not possible to eliminate the doubt, at least he cannot doubt that he thinks he is doubting. Therefore "I think" would lead to only two conclusions: first that I think and then that I exist.

He doubted everything, even the existence of the world, because he could be deceived, he could live in my Matrix cubicle.

Thus René said "But if I doubt everything, if my thought is above all doubt, then there is someone who doubts, and that someone is me. Therefore, at least I have a certainty: I exist, because if it did not exist, no I could doubt. "

“To own conflicts, own solutions. To own history, own solutions. To our life, our laws. ” Jose Marti

"These societies are them and they are not yet themselves." Paulo Freile

“The constellation of knowledge in which we move today is, fundamentally, a product of the West. " Raul Fornet-Betancourt

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Those sad and dismembered americans who only woe and sigh themselves will become cheerful, tal and beautiful men Jose Cecilio del Valle

America, the black countries, was for them to discover them, countries that belonged to no one. Inmanuel Kant 

I a way, only when I die, i could say in absolute terms its me. Martin Heidegger

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