The Reign of Henry III and the Rise of Parliament in England

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The new king is going to be Henry III (1216-1272), Son of John. He is going to succeed his father at the age of 9, so there was a Regent supervising his decisions. We have to wait some years until henry Becomes king and begin to rule the kingdom himself. But he made some wrong Decisions:

For one thing he surrounded himself With a number of favourites, which were not Contemplated with very good eyes by the rest of the nobility. The favourites Occupied places of responsibility.
 The second problem is that during his Reign he broke a number of points contained in the Magna Carta. This is because The degree of control was very high and it was difficult for kings to accept All the points in it. This situation lead to what happened in the year 1258: Henry III was spelled from power by the nobility who united together under the leader Of a very important man: Simon de Montfort. They Renovated the Magna Carta and imposed two new documents, which exercise further Control of the power: The Provisions of Oxford And The Provisions of Westminster. It was Stipulated that all favourites had to go away and the control was in the hands Of the nobility; it was a kind of court D’etat (golpe de estado). But Henry II didn’t listen to these new documents And after the establishment of the provisions a war was declared in 1259 Between the king and his supporters, and the nobility and Simon de Montfort. During the war there were two important battles. The Battle of Lewes and the Battle of Evesham. In the first one the king lost, and he was imprisoned, so There was no king. The solution was the establishment of the Parliament, which was formed by two Groups: on the one hand there were the high members of the nobility (barons), who were usually 25. And on the other hand there were a second group Of burghers from each of the main cities of the land and they were able To vote but unanimously (only one vote), so they had a speaker to transmit Their decisions. So the parliament was divided in the House Of Commons and the House of Lords.

The next king was Henry’s son Edward I“Long shanks”, who was the first king that cooperated With the parliament.


By the year 1290 Edward I was cooperating with the Parliament, so there was cooperation between the crown and he nobility. He Is the first to contemplate the union of crowns: United Kingdom. He was the king of England but he also had the title of Lord of Ireland. There were two lands that were independent: Wales And Scotland, so they were the two targets. Edward decided to go to Wales first. It was Divided in two areas dominated by princes (local leaders). The campaign was far More difficult than expected, because of the castles built in Wales by the English in order to execute control over the Welsh. It is estimated that Between the years 1272 and 1294 the debt in England caused by military Enterprise was elevated to 400.000 pounds. In order to understand this debt, we Need to compare it to the money people used to earn at that time: a skilled Artisan would earn one pound a year. To pay the national debt accumulated England relied on three sources: 

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