Refer to the exhibit. When a static IP address is being configured on the host, what address should be used for the default gateway

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1allows 4 an mtu as high as 9198 bytes.​jumbo frame
2.R highly scalable & have a very high fault tolerance,massive storage capabilities,& fast data access.sans
3.R not used 2 find noes on ne2rks other than the local ne2rk.mac addresses a ne2rk support technician,U only need 2 know how 2 support ipv6.false
5.@ what layer of the osi model would a tcp or udp header be added 2 a payload?layer 4
6.border routersconnect an autonomous system with an outside ne2rk default,the pathping command sends how many pings per hop?​100
8.cable that is coated with flame-resistant polyvinyl chloride (pvc) is acceptable 4 use in plenum areas.false
9.a ________ consists of a host's ip address & the port number of an application running on a host,with a colon separating the 2 valuessocket
10.the delay between the transmission of a signal & its receipt.latency​
11.describe how an ipv6 address is written & displayedipv6 address is 128 bits & look like this 2001:0000:0b80:0000:0000:00d3:9c5a:00cc
binary: 0010 0000 0000 0001
12.describe the difference between dynamic arp table entries & static arp table entries.​an arp table can contain 2 types of entries: dynamic & static.Dynamic arp table entries R created when a client makes an arp request that could not be satisfied by data already in the arp table.Static arp table entries R those that some1 hs entered manually using the arp utility.
13.describe the differences between a brownout & a blackout.​a brownout is a ​momentary decrease in voltage;also known as a sag.An overtaxed electrical system can cause brownouts,which U might recognize in yur home as a dimming of the lights.Such voltage decreases can cause computers or applications 2 fail & potentially corrupt data.A blackout is a complete power loss.A blackout could cause significant damage 2 yur ne2rk.4 example,if a server loses power while files R open & processes R running,its nos might be damaged so extensively that the server cannot restart & the nos must be reinstalled from scratch.A backup power source,however,can provide power long enough 4 the server 2 shut down properly & avoid harm.
14.describe the ospf routing protocol.​ospf (open shortest path 1st) is an igp & a link-state routing protocol used on interior or border routers.It was introduced as an improvement 2 rip & can coexist with rip (or ripv2) on a ne2rk.Unlike rip,ospf imposes no hop limits on a transmission path.Also,ospf uses a more complex algorithm 4 determining best paths than what rip uses.Under optimal ne2rk conditions,the best path is the most direct path between 2 points.If excessive traffic levels or an outage preclude data from following the most direct path,a router may determine that the most efficient path actually goes through additional routers.Each router running ospf maintains a database of the other routers' links.If ospf learns of the failure of a given link,the router can rapidly compute an alternate path.This calculation demands more memory & cpu power than rip would,but it keeps ne2rk bandwidth 2 a minimum & provides a very fast convergence time,often invisible 2 users.The algorithms used by link-state protocols & their faster convergence time also prevent routing loops.Ospf is supported by all modern routers.Therefore,it is commonly used on autonomous systems that rely on a mix of routers from different manufacturers.
15.describe the 3 different types of cabling recognized by tia/eia as acceptable 4 horizontal wiring.​tia/eia recognizes 3 possible cabling types 4 horizontal wiring: utp,stp,or fiber optic cable.Utp (unshielded twisted pair) cable is a type of copper-based cable that consists of 1 or more insulated twisted-wire pairs encased in a plastic sheath.Stp (shielded twisted pair) cable is a type of copper-based cable containing twisted-wire pairs that R not only individually insulated,but also surrounded by a shielding made of a metallic substance such as foil.Fiber-optic cable is a form of cable that contains 1 or several glass or plastic fibers in its core & comes in 2 types: single-mode fiber (smf) or multimode fiber (mmf).Copper-based cable transmits data via electric signals,& fiber-optic cable transmits data via pulsing light sent from a laser or light-emitting diode (led).
16.a device that changes the form of electrical energy in some way.4 common types R inverter,rectifier,
transformer,& voltage regulator.
power converter​
17.a device that converts dc electrical energy 2 ac electrical energy.Btr inverters will also condition the power,which helps protect sensitive electronic equipment from power fluctuations.​inverter​
18.a device that maintains a constant voltage level 4 either ac or dc electrical energy.voltage regulator
19.dnat (dynamic ne2rk address translation)the gateway assigns ip address from a pool 2 host
20.dns follows a centralized database modelfalse
21.​during termination of twisted pair cabling,what should be d1 2 ensure minimal cross talk is introduced?no more than 1 inch of the cable should be exposed.
22.each organization that provides host services on the public internet is responsible 4 providing & maintaining dns authoritative servers 4 public accesstru
23.each type of cable hs a prescribed bend radius ,which is the radius of the maximum arc into which U can loop a cable without impairing data transmission.tru
24.electrical power flow on a circuit that continually switches direction.alternating current (ac)​ racks most commonly come in what 2 widths?​19 & 23 inch frame
26.ethernet exists @ what layer of the osi model?​layer 2
27.explain how equipment should be configured in a rack 2 best optimize airflow & temperature.​hardware should be installed as close 2 the front of the rack as possible 2 allow 4 proper airflow in the back.Minimizing cable clutter can also help prevent airflow blockages.In a typical rack system,airflow through the chassis is typically designed 2 move from front 2 back.Rack-monitoring systems should be installed 2 sound an alarm if the rack' s overall temperature rises too much,if air quality (moisture or smoke) falls below acceptable levels,or if airflow is restricted.Because rack security is also a concern,these monitoring systems can alert technicians when a door is lft open,or use motion sensors 2 detect the presence of an intruder.In data rooms containing multiple rows of racks,a hot aisle/cold aisle layout,pulls QL air from vents in the floor or from nearby,low-lying wall vents into the rows of racks.The hot air aisles R used 2 direct the heated air away from the racks into exhaust vents 4 cooling.
28.explain the difference between an inverter & a rectifier.inverter-converts dc 2 ac
rectifier-converts ac 2 dc
29.exterior routersdirect data between autonomous systems
30.the field in a frame responsible 4 ensuring that data carried by the frame arrives intact.It uses an algorithm,such as crc,2 accomplish this verification.​fcs (frame check sequence)
31.the flow of electrical power @ a steady rate in only 1 direction.​direct current (dc)​
32.a globally unique number that identifies an autonomous system.Asns work similarly 2 ip addresses that identify individual nodes on a ne2rk.Each asn now consists of 32 bits instead of 16 bits,& they R assigned by iana.​autonomous system number​
33.a hexadecimal number is number written in the base 16 number system.tru far away from fluorescent lights or other sources of emi should cable be installed?​@ least 3 feet many clusters of root servers exist?13
36.icann is responsible 4 restrictions on use of the .Com,.Org,& .Net tldsfalse
37.icmp (internet control msg protocol) is a _______ layer core protocol that reports on the success or failure of data delivery.​ne2rk layer
38.​if the use of a pre-existing ethernet infrastructure is desired 4 a san,what transport layer protocol should be utilized?iscsi a chassis,the path along which air from a QL air source is conducted,past equipment 2 QL it,& then out of the rack.Typically,air moves from front 2 back.airflow a tcp segment,what field indicates how many bytes the sender can issue 2 a receiver while acknowledgement 4 the segment is outstanding?​sliding window
41.the industry-standard unit 4 measuring rack h8.Standard racks R 42u tall—about 6 feet.rack unit (ru) ipv6,what field is used 2 indicate what sequence of packets from 1 source 2 1 or multiple destinations a packet belongs 2?​flow label linux systems,what file contains the setting 4 the dhcp service?dhcpd.Conf order 2 simplify console access 2 computers in a rack,what device is typically used 2 provide a central portal 4 all devices on the rack?​kvm switch
45.interior routersdirect data between ne2rks within the same autonomous system.
46.the ip addresses & R both examples of _______automatic private ip addressing (apipa)
47.the ip connectionless protocol relies on what other protocol 2 guarantee delivery of data?tcp
48.ip is an unreliable,connectionless protocol.​tru
49.ipv4 & ipv6 use the same packet format.​false
50.a ipv6 address consists of how many bits?128 bits

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