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Que deberias hacer para proteger el medio ambiente

There are many ways to protect the environment.We can recycle as much as possible.Glass, paper and plastic can all be recycled easily nowadays. Modern transport is harmful to the environment. We should use cars and planes less and bicycles and public transport more. We can save water by turning taps off. We can use economy electricity and modern energy efficient machines. There is a lot of information available to help us protect the enviroment.

Ventajas y desventajas de usar el transporte publico

What are the advantages of using public transport? It is better for the enviroment to use public transport than private transport. It causes less pollution. In most countries it is also relatively cheap. Petrol is more and more expensive. Parking is not a problem when you use public transport. On the other hand, public transport is less convenient because the timetables are not good for everyone. Buses and trains can be smelly and noisy. The journey also usually takes longer.

 Redaccion de mi ciudad

My name is Jesus. I live in FA town. Its a small town. It is a small town and very quiet at night. It is a safe site living because there are good people. In summer it is very hot and we love bathing in the swimming pool because we don´t have sea. The streets are not very clean because the people are very dirty, but I like living in FA. I think that it is a good town and very beautiful for living.

Fin de semana

Last weekend, I went out to visit cartagena with my girlfriend and some friends to have a look at warships of the Spanish Army. When we arrived to cartagena there were many people waiting to see the warships so we couldn´t see the boats. Later on we went to the restaurant to eat. Before we arrived to FA town. I had a very good time.

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